Welcome and Introduction

Somerset Council has commissioned a Local Government Association (LGA) Assurance Peer Challenge for its Adult Social Care service.

This is taking place from Tuesday 5 to Thursday 7 March 2024.

It forms part of our wider work to assess how well the Council is working – alongside our partners and providers – to deliver Care Act duties relating to Adult Social Care.

The Peer Challenge process will also help inform our routine self-assessment activity and offer valuable learning to assist our ongoing readiness for Care Quality Commission (CQC) assessment, with the LGA drawing on the CQC framework to inform their activity.

We welcome this as an opportunity for us to showcase our best practice, and reflect with openness and honesty about areas of strength as well as areas of ongoing focus or challenge.

LGA Peer Challenges have long been a key improvement and learning tool that local government has been using as part of its commitment to sector-led Improvement.

Our Adult Social Care Policy, Performance and Assurance Team is over-seeing and coordinating the timetabling and support activity for the Peer Challenge, and will be assisting with the hosting arrangements in March 2024.

Contact us

Any queries should please be directed in the first instance to the team by email: ASCInspectionSupport@somerset.gov.uk

Wi-fi access and support

To support easy access to Somerset Council Wi-fi as an external, visiting colleague or partner please visit: https://www.wifi.service.gov.uk/connect-to-govwifi/ 

LGA Peer Challenge Team

We warmly welcome the following individuals who make up the LGA Assurance Peer Challenge Team for Somerset:

  1. Lead Peer – Hilary Hall, Corporate Director Community Wellbeing (holding the statutory DASS function), Herefordshire Council
  2. Member PeerTo be confirmed by LGA (Liberal Democrat)
  3. Commissioning Peer – Juliette Garrett, Head of Commissioning for Older People, West Sussex​
  4. Ops Peer – Dan Wilkins, Head of Transforming Adult Social Care and Quality, Wiltshire Council
  5. Principal Social Worker – Kayleigh Bradford, Devon​ County Council
  6. Performance Lead – Cheryl Hampson, Head of Quality and Performane, Gloucestershire County Council
  7. Peer Challenge Manager – Chris Rowlands, Local Government Association

Peer Challenge Timetable







Evidence Library

The following key supporting documents and links are shared to support the LGA Peer Challenge Team in their understanding of Adult Social Care in Somerset.


Additional information is available on request.


You can also find a summary of the key documents from the evidence library here.

Our Self Assessment – January 2024

Our organisation – Somerset Council

Our service – Adult Social Care

Public Health

Our Community offer (Prevention and Early Help)

ASC Operations – Assessing Needs

Safeguarding Adults in Somerset

Commissioning, market shaping and care provider quality assurance

Practice Quality and assurance

  • Adult Social Care Practice Quality Framework
  • Practice Quality Board Terms of Reference
  • Practice Quality Audit Summary Report (September 2023 to January 2024) TO FOLLOW
  • Practice Development Advanced Practitioner Job Description
  • Competency Framework  TO FOLLOW

Adult Social Care workforce strategies

‘My Life, My Future’ – ASC Transformation Programme

Finance, Performance and Risk

Summary of Evidence Library key documents

To make things a bit easier, we have listed the key documents from the library above. We hope you find this useful.

  • Doc 1
  • Doc 2
  • Doc 3
  • Doc 4
  • Doc 5