September 28, 2021

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We have been advised and previously circulated that test laboratories are seeing significant numbers of out of date test kits.

These are not processed and are void at the point they reach the labs.  It is therefore important that test kits are disposed of as they reach their expiry date.

We have fed back through the national team, that this is not always easy.  For example where barcodes have been stuck over expiry date stickers.

In addition, we have been asked about the most appropriate mechanism for disposal of expired kits.

Any un-used kits that are out of date can be disposed of through health care waste (green bags) or in yellow clinical waste bag.  However if testing at home the test kits they can be disposed in the general waste bin.

If you think you have been sent kits that have already expired please send an email with a photo attached of the expiry dates on the box, the packet and the vial to

Please include photos of the outer despatch box and also the label from the plastic bag including the batch number, this is on the bag under the barcode number.