June 26, 2023

Latest news,

We were keen to share a detailed further update on progress to date relating to the use of a new system, PAMMS (Provider Assessment and Market Management Solutions) the Council and NHS Somerset has adopted to support quality and contractual assurance activity here in Somerset and beyond. This builds on previous updates, and the information shared at the Registered Care Providers Association in May 2023.  The update report captures FAQs you may have about PAMMS, as well as care provider feedback from our piloting activity that has been underway since the autumn of 2022.  The update also clarifies plans for the roll out of shorter quarterly provider returns (commencing from July 2023) to all NHS / Local Authority commissioned care providers (with PAMMS replacing Sundown Solutions Ltd as the mechanism through which these returns are to be submitted).  Sundown Solutions is being de-commissioned next month.

You can access the update here: Somerset PAMMS Implementation Update Briefing June 2023

If you’ve any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us via following mailboxes:

ASCContractsandQualityMonitoring@somerset.gov.uk (Somerset Council)

somicb.chc.contracts@nhs.net (NHS Somerset)