Providers will be all too aware that maintaining an effective service during a pandemic is complex and extremely challenging. Business Continuity is though greater than the pandemic response, it’s about continuing to provide a professional, safe service despite the multitude of challenges that we all face.

Business continuity is about having a plan to deal with a wide range of difficult situations, so that, as a provider of vital social care, you can continue to function with as little disruption as possible. This will include the challenges from the continuing Pandemic, but also seasonal flu, difficulties experienced directly or otherwise from our exit from the EU and specific challenges associated with extremes of weather.

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Winter 2022/23

Winter is rapidly approaching so it’s time to check that the business continuity plans are in place and are robust. We know that winter is a difficult time and with continuing uncertainty around workforce, increasing costs and potential for shortages in fuel caused by the ongoing war in Ukraine, having plans in place to deal with critical shortages is a fundamental requirement. We would ask all providers to review their Business Continuity plans in light of the difficulties we continue to face to ensure that we are best placed to respond to the potential challenges ahead.

View the leaflet on creating a business continuity plan and the template.

The Local Government Association has put together some supportive guidance related to business continuity.  Within this there is a section on The Care Provider Alliance (CPA) which has produced a series of guides and top tips for adult social care services in England to help with business continuity planning that you might find useful.