September 28, 2021


The COVID-19 vaccination national booking service is now open for frontline health and social care staff to book a booster vaccine appointment through self-referral.

As of 24th September, HSCW staff will be able to book their appointment online here or by ringing 119.

As part of the booking process, staff will need to self-declare they are a frontline health or social care worker. When booking, they will be advised on the evidence they will need to provide at the vaccination site as of proof of employment. HSCW will only be vaccinated if official proof is presented. Whilst this guidance is aimed at NBS bookings, the ID requirements also apply to individuals who are vaccinated via local booking services or walk-in clinics.

Vaccination site leads are responsible for ensuring local processes are in place to check-in HSCW and record their booster vaccination.

Check-in and ID requirements for frontline Health and Social Care Workers (HSCW) arriving for their appointment at a CP or VC vaccination site

HSCW should verbally declare at check-in at the vaccination site that:

  • they are a frontline health or social care worker, as identified by the Green Book and the SCW SOP, and outlined in the eligibility overview Table 1,
  • the type of role/work they do; and
  • the name of their employer.

They are asked to provide as proof of employment as a HSCW one of the following:

  • A workplace photo ID,
  • A recent letter from their employer (last 3 months)[1], or
  • A recent payslip which shows their employer (last 3 months).

The recipient should be informed that their employment as HSCW will be recorded in the point of care (PoC) system together with their vaccination.

[1] The employer letter is locally implemented. Local Authorities have been asked to produce a letter template for Personal Assistants

Frontline social care workers,

This means you currently work in a care home for older or working age adults or you provide face-to-face care or support to individuals at higher risk from COVID-19 (adults or children who are clinically extremely vulnerable or those over the age of 16 who are clinically vulnerable to COVID-19).

For example:

  • you are employed to provide personal care or work in any support roles (cook, housekeeping, cleaning, maintenance) including as a volunteer, in a residential care home;
  • you are a registered professional in social care (such as a social worker, therapist or nurse);
  • you work providing care for people in their homes or in community services such as home care, supported living, shared lives, extra care and day care services, or you are employed as a personal assistant;

Health and social care workers aged 16 – 17 ¾ years and booster vaccinations

As outlined in the Green Book and protocol for the administration of Pfizer vaccine health and social care workers aged 16 -17 should receive the two dose primary course of the Pfizer vaccine. Frontline health and social care workers aged 16 and over who have direct contact with patients, clients or service users are eligible to receive a third dose booster vaccination as HSCW