July 25, 2022

Latest news,

We are doing a lot of work around falls at the moment, both falls prevention and post-fall advice and support.

Equipment Offer

We are in the process of procuring a number of Mangar Eagle Lifting Cushions for Nursing and Residential Homes across the county. A member of the team is attempting to make contact with these settings to get numbers this would be suitable for.

If you haven’t heard from us and you would be interested, please email MPerry@somerset.gov.uk with the title Equipment Offer and we will get in touch.


We are also developing some post-falls training. We want to make sure this is as realistic and relevant as possible, so if you could send the general ASC mailbox ASCCOVID19@somerset.gov.uk any case studies of falls in your setting so we can build the training around that.

Rapid Response
When a fall happens, you are advised to call 111 rather than 999 if there is no immediate threat to life. When this happens, ask for the rapid response team. They will be able to support you to do an assessment on the fallen person, and if needed send out a team who will be there within two hours. SWASFT are facing high levels of demand and there may be long delays in responses from ambulances to 999 calls.

Other Resources About Falls: